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Instructions Tommy Jack

First assemble the roller to the jack by:

  • Placing the M8 CSK bolt in the CSK-hole at end of lever arm.
  • Slide the steel shaft on the M8 bolt with LARGE NYLON washer against the lever arm.
  • Next, slide the NYLON ROLLER on to the steel shaft, locate the M8 steel washer and nyloc nut and tighten to 18lb ft.
  • The “TOMMYJACK” is now fully operational.

TOMMYJACK can be used to lift the rear wheel of most motor- cycles for maintenance and cleaning, enabling chain lubrication to be carried out more frequently with absolute ease.

Lifting the wheel takes just a couple of seconds without help! Plus there is no need to move the bike back and forth to gain access to the chain or wheel.

TOMMYJACK is far easier and safer to use than the paddock stand, and is small enough to be carried with you on journeys in case of an emergency.

When lifting make sure the bike is sitting correctly on the side-stand, the nature of its design always pulls the bike back on to the side-stand for added safety! (tommyjack can also be used on bikes with centre-stands)

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