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Original Red

Original Red, Amazing versatility!

The Original Red lift has amazing versatility that allows you to handle Superbikes, Retros, Customs, Classics, Off Roaders even some Quads, ATV's and Scooters.The Internationally patented design permits lifting by the Wheels or the Chassis and we offer a comprehensive range of mounts that are readily available to suit your needs. In all modes the bike is firmly clamped to the lift to give total protection for you and the bike!


Original, The SAFEST way to lift all sports bikes.

As the pictures show, you can remove both the wheels, the front forks, plus the rear swing arm and the suspension with absolute ease, In total safety! Great for replacing the tyres on your bike plus the dealer will be happy to see you with just the wheels and your bike will be safer at home on the lift?

Quick Change Mounts

We offer a wide range of mounts to lift ALL motorbikes Old or New from the Beam Mount set to the Foot-Peg Mount System plus other dedicated mounts such as the 1800 GW, Rocket 3, Thunderbird 1600&1700, BMW and more. All mountings are designed to simply slide onto the lifting arm and lock into place in seconds, just fit the lift with the mounts of your choice to work on your bike and then again just as quickly change them to suit an alternative motorbike. Mountings offer a built in security system to enable the bike to be "Locked" to the lift avoiding any possibility of accidental damage.


Unparalleled 360° access

You will be able to access any part of the bike including the underside engine/gearbox area for maintenance or cleaning with your Original lifting the bike up to waist height for your comfort, you can also stop the lift at any position you desire and even sit down to work on it!! Long gone, is the need for the heavy and backbreaking workbench that robs you of precious garage space. When you have finished using your Original lift, just hang it up on the wall out of the way until the next time you need it!


One person operation

Lifting a motorcycle really is a one man operation with Original and your bike has never been so safe before, even storage through the winter period with the weight off the tyres and suspension is a simple job now. When using the Foot-Peg mount system it will be wise to employ a paddock stand or our Bike Grab Wheel Chock as the bike needs to be in a vertical plane when setting up.


Original lifts are frequently used in bike showrooms to dramatically draw attention to the star attractions and workshops alike however they also offer first class security courtesy of the built in locking system. Once the bike is locked in the raised position it cannot be lowered without your consent!Six thousand plus Original lifts are now in use throughout the world by home enthusiasts and motorcycle manufacturers alike without a single failure, The lift's Reliability, Stability and Safety is way beyond belief, You really need to See It, To Believe It !

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