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EazyRizer ORIGINAL RED Assembly & Instruction Sheets

  • Couple the mainframe (ITEM 2) to the base frame (ITEM 1) using the two M8 bolts (ITEM 13) & M10 bolts (ITEM 14) tightening them to 18 & 24 lbs ft respectively, now completely remove the screw shaft assembly (ITEM 4).
  • Take the main lifting arm (ITEM 3) and remove the two outer guides (ITEM 15).
  • Now fit the 8 small nylon guides (ITEM 17) as shown with the ‘head’ inside the arm.
  • These can be held in place with a dab of petroleum jelly while you slide the arm onto the main pillar (ITEM 2). failure to fit these will result in damage to the finish.
  • Re-fit the two guide assemblies (15) back to their respective positions and locate the M8 bolts, place a small block of wood (ITEM 16) in the corner of the lift and lower the main arm (ITEM 3) on to it. Now while applying a downward pressure with your knee to the far end of (ITEM 3) you will be able to position the guides squarely against the face of the pillar maintaining this pressure tighten the four high tensile M8 guide bolts to 18 lb ft torque.
  • Replace the main screw shaft (ITEM 4) with the bearing thrust race (ITEM 5) nylon bush (ITEM 6) and large rubber buffer (ITEM 7) all in place. Screw the shaft through the bronze bearing nut (ITEM 8) and continue through into the support housing at the bottom of the lift. Now fit the nylon bush (ITEM 9) small rubber buffer (ITEM 10) M14 washer (ITEM 11) and finally the split pin (ITEM 12).
  • Grease the screw shaft thoroughly with the sachet provided and re-apply at REGULAR intervals. Your lift is now ready for use.

This product is designed to give you life long service. please keep clean and lubricated!


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