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Instructions Strong Arm

Instructions for use

Remove all packaging and assemble as follows.

  • Take the handle (FIG 1) and insert the reduced end into the base (FIG 2) as shown taking care to align the screw holes, insert the self tapping screw and tighten using a pozi-drive screwdriver.
  • Now fit the two (blue) adjuster plates (FIG 3) to the inner faces of the mounting plates on the base (FIG 2) at their highest setting and with the coach bolt heads to the outside now fit the M8 nuts on the inside, Leave loose at this point.
  • Remove the M8 nuts from the roller assembly, make sure the two round silver coloured discs have the SMALL diameter edge located inside the tube then assemble to the TOP hole position of the adjuster plates as previously fitted (paragraph 2) re-fitting the two M8 nuts equally.
  • With a 13mm wrench tighten all six nuts to 20 Ib ft or 26 nm.
  • If height adjustment is necessary ALWAYS SLACKEN OFF ALL 6 NUTS for ease of adjusting. Note: there are 4 positions available A-B-C-D to suite varying frame heights of different makes and model motorcycles.
  • Determine the position under the frame either at the front or rear of the engine area to be raised. Holding the Strong Arm vertically by the handle position it central to the bike frame then while supporting the bike upright simply press the handle downwards in a rearward direction and the bike will “pop” UP ! !
  • If excessive pressure is required to lift your machine then it is adjusted to high, (refer to paragraph 5)


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