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V-Twin Mounts

V-Twin Multi-Mounts When using Multi-Mounts to lift v-twin engined bikes you may choose to opt for our V-Twin variant which uses an alternative top element for the front lifting bracket; this enables you to support the bike via the cylinder barrel as opposed to cradling the collector pipes. Both the front and rear lifting brackets of our Multi-Mount system are made up of two parts; the lower of the two is essentially a box section which you slip onto the main lifting beam, the top half is specifically designed to suit the region of the bike being supported.

The V-Twin top element of the front bracket allows you to position it just under the exhaust manifold as it exits the cylinder barrel, thus the barrel takes the weight of the front portion of the machine.
You could purchase the top element of the front bracket separately and use it in conjunction with the standard Multi-Mount system (they are inter-changeable). If you are unsure as to the best course of action you can contact our technical advice department by phone or email, or you can complete the online order form as best you can, mentioning your query in the Comments Box – we will then contact you prior to processing your order to determine the best option given your particular circumstances. If you own more than one machine (or you intend replacing your bike soon) we will be happy to help you find the best way forward.


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