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Eazyrizer Big Blue Motorcycle Lift

Finding a suitable bike lift for use in a home workshop or garage has always been a struggle. Big professional lifts take up too much room, and small jacks just don’t get your bike high enough to make work-ing on the bike any easier. Enter the Eazyrizer Big Blue. Remember what I just said about lifts being too big? Even with a name like “Big Blue” the Eazyrizer has a footprint of just 28″ x 32″. The vertical pillar stands just 38 high and leans back to increase stabil-ity as the lift rises. So overall, the Big
Blue won’t take up much room when it’s not in use.

The Big Blue doesn’t require the use of a compressor or a hydraulic jack; instead it raises and lowers its
lifting platform through the use of a long screw jack. The threaded rod is a high load screw-shaft manufactured
from rolled high-tensile steel with a load capacity exceeding the recom-mended specification. The screw shaft
threads through a large bronze nut connected to the lifting platform.

Just use an electric drill and a 22mm socket to turn the drive nut on the top of the threaded screw shaft and the platform steadily rises or lowers. Control the speed of travel with the drill trigger and you should slow the drill when the platform reaches near the top or bottom.

A1/2″ Drive 22mm Socket (Not Included) On A High Torque Drill Is Used To Rotate The Screw Shaft.

However, note that you can’t use just any handheld drill. You’ll need a corded power drill with a rating of at least 550 to 600 watts, and a max rpm of
700 to 1000, these are sometimes referred to as mud-mixers. The right drill for the job will have a high amp motor and creates a lot of torque at low rpm and will not exceed 1000 rpm. Do not use an impact gun! There’s a round bearing at the top of the screw shaft, it and the shaft need to remain lubricated at all
times. You can use LM type grease, which is a lithium-based, high melting point grease, high pressure wheel bearing grease. I like the steady speed at which you can raise and lower a bike. There are no unnerving surprises, or fast drops.

A drawback I encountered to using a system such as this is that the greased screw shaft is exposed, and the vertical beam of the Big Blue does not have a handle for pushing or positioning the lift. So wear disposable gloves or use care when grabbing the post to move the lift.

The lift has a safe working load limit of 1,650 lbs so it’ll be strong enough for even a loaded touring bike. Big Blue raises the bike to a work height that unloads the suspension and allows the front and rear wheel to hang free.

Positioning Big Blue in preparation of the big lift requires a little effort. The two beam mount arms attach to Big Blue with four U-bolts. So you may need to do a bit of trial and error to find just the right spot that will allow the beams to contact the frame of the bike,
yet still allow access to oil drain plugs for maintenance work. The beam mount arms will be the most commonly used attachment for big cruisers with frame rails exposed beneath the engine. Don’t worry about scratching your frame, as the beams have a strip of padding on top. There are other mounts available for foreign bikes, some which are model specific.

There are only two small roller wheels at the back of the Easyrizer, so if you have a fancy epoxy coated garage floor you’ll need to exercise caution moving the lift into place, as the front two legs just slide along on the floor surface.

To secure the bike to the lift, there are two rubber coated J-hooks provided. By placing one hook on the frame
rail near the front and the other hook on the opposite side at the rear and securing the J-hook with a wing nut, the
bike will stay stable on the platform even if you remove one of the wheels.

There’s a lifetime warranty on defects in workmanship or materials to the original purchaser, and they are manufac-tured in the United Kingdom. The North American dealer is located in Canada, so all U.S. customers should contact Big Blue for an exact price quote. Many factors will vary the
price, such as shipping, handling, customs, and brokerage costs. But as an example, our Connecticut address calculat-ed to US $799.00, all in, delivered to our door. Contact Big Blue for your exact price. AIM


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