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Mounts Explained for the Big Blue Bike Lift and Original Red

Many owners choose to order more than one set of mounting brackets to achieve total flexibility of operation and to enable them to service any type of bike in the future. It is possible to mix one bracket from each type of mounting set to enable you to lift by either front or rear wheel and one chassis point.

Beam Mounts

Beam Mounts are suited to any road going bike that has a duplex frame (twin chassis rails) slung below either side of the engine. In particular Harley Davidsons, the wide variety of Japanese Custom Bikes and many of the Classics which are still in regular use. Beam Mounting brackets are designed to take full advantage of the wide-based twin chassis frame layout to offer you a rock-solid method of raising these special bikes. Despite the weight of many of these machines you can leave them in the raised position for as long as you like using Beam Mountings. And you will not damage the paintwork due to the extra protection given by heavy duty insulation pads.

Footpeg Mounts

Our most universal sport bike mount has to be our new foot peg mounts. Whether its a v-twin, parallel twin, triple, or four, these mounts work! They can also be used with cruisers like the Yamaha Virago in concert with a rear beam mount. The stability provided by this set up is truly amazing. Full access to all suspension components is a given. Its a nice option if you have a wide variety of bikes in your garage. One mount will do them all, including Yamaha V Max, Honda ST1100, ST1200 Pan European. When ordering for these machines and bikes with “broard footpegs” over 1½ inches 38mm please specify the heavy duty setup. The side stand is not used with this set up and the bike can be lifted from either side.

Wheel Mounts

Please Note: for “Eazy Rizer Big Blue” is designed for chassis mounts therefore wheel mounts can be used on a mixe and match only basis The two ‘hoop’ shaped Wheel Mounting brackets are able to slide in and out of the main lifting arm, thus allowing you to individually adjust each bracket to achieve the stated dimensions (remember to mark these positions for next time). While your bike is raised by this method it is still possible to turn the wheels by hand by applying an upward rotational motion to the wheel – thus facilitating thorough cleaning. This is made easier by the external coating applied to the brackets. Note: 250kg MAX loading with this mounting setup.

Multi Mounts

Original Red Lift Only
If your DOES NOT have a duplex frame slung below either side of the engine, and that we apply this term regardless of the bike’s performance. We only use the term to describe the style of chassis that offers a narrow, streamlined lower frame structure, as favoured by the current crop of sports bikes. So let’s look at the two lifting options available for this type of bike – Wheel Mounting and Multi-Mounting. In reality these brackets can be mixed and matched to suit any particular job that you have in mind, thus you could lift your bike by the front wheel and the rear chassis mount, or via the rear wheel and the front Multi-Mount if more convenient.

Multi-Mounting brackets which support either the chassis direct or an alternative location. Most bikes can be raised in full road going trim, some may require part of the lower fairing to be slipped off – which can usually be done in seconds courtesy of the normal speed fasteners. As with the Wheel Mounting option, each Multi-Mounting bracket is fully adjustable to suit your bike’s characteristics, but in this instance they slide externally along the lifting arm. The forward bracket is designed to cradle the engine sump, the chassis frame or the exhaust collector pipes – dependant upon your specific bike or the task that you wish to perform.

Frame Mounts

Note: This is an extra used on conjunction with beam mounts
These mountings have been designed for applications where it is not possible to lift the bike by employing the normal ‘beam’ method in pairs, due to obstructions or uneven surfaces such as the exhaust system or crankcase falling below the frame line of the bike, as found in many older classics. They can be fitted on the front or rear beam mount to support the bike, typically by the legs of the raised centre stand or the engine crankcase.
This is done usually in pairs and can be individually adjusted to differing heights to suit the contour of the engine casing.

A set comprises of two mountings complete with ‘u’ bolts that secure the bike frame but can also be used without these providing an alternative form of stabilizing is employed.
For example, by the beam mount ‘j’ bolts or quality ‘ratchet type’ strapping. This design allows for mounting in many different ways and has a range of height extension from (zero to 5in / 125mm)

Exhaust Collector Pipes.

Lifting a bike via the engine sump or the chassis frame requires no clarification here, but one of the most frequent questions posed to our technical department by SuperBike owners is:
“Are you sure my collector pipes can support my machine?”
The answer is always the same,
” YES “

Although on many occasions you may elect to lift the front of your bike from the sump or the chassis, the question “can I lift via my collector pipes?” is perfectly understandable – but the simple fact is that supporting SuperBikes from the front collector pipes is an Industry Standard Procedure and is used throughout the industry by manufacturers, the retail & maintenance trade and competition departments across the world. This is borne out by the fact that we only get asked this question by private owners, because the trade are familiar with this technique.

Manufacturers use EazyRizer to lift customer bikes via the collector pipes!

Once you appreciate that the integral chassis design of some SuperBikes dictates that the front end MUST be lifted from the collector pipes, you will realise why the exhaust systems were designed from the outset to accommodate this procedure. Our customers NEVER have a problem with this Industry Standard Procedure, even elderly machines with corroded systems – remember, everyone gets a Money Back Guarantee, so you can be damned sure we’d know if they had a problem!

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